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Short-Term Spring Life Groups

April 15 - June 17

Southridge: All Locations

At Southridge, one of the best ways to get to know other people AND grow in a life of faith is to participate in a Life Group experience. But at the same time, joining a group can feel intimidating or like a significant commitment you might not be ready for.

That’s where Short-Term Spring Groups come in. Like the name suggests, they are a short-term experiment or taste of what a Life Group can be like based on a topic or conversation of your choosing. For a commitment between 4-8 weeks, you can give a group a try with the freedom and opportunity to know it’s just for a season.

This year we will be offering 4 different Short-Term Spring Group experiences:

1) The Basics of Following Jesus – 4 Weeks
This group will explore some of the basics or 101 ideas of what it means to be a follower of Jesus. It won’t cover every topic about faith, but it will touch on a few key dynamics of life as a Christian. This group is actually a follow up to our winter Alpha program and will include the final four sessions of the Alpha course: 1) How can I resist evil?, 2) Why and how should I tell others?, 3) Does God heal today?, and 4) What about the church? Everyone is welcome whether you’ve participated in Alpha or not.

2) Life in Action – 6 Weeks
This group will explore and envision what it means to put our faith into action, especially with compassion and justice toward the poor and marginalized. We will look at the ‘spokes of poverty’ as a framework to learn more about the root factors that lead into the needs behind our anchor causes, and we will be inspired to realize our potential impact as global missionaries, right here in our community. This group will be hosted at our St. Catharines facility. All are welcome and you can come with your Life Group if you’re already in one.

3) Alpha Marriage – 7 Weeks
A healthy marriage takes work. Whether you’re in the honeymoon phase, feeling more like roommates than soulmates, or in a season of difficulty, this is a meaningful opportunity to invest in the health of your marriage. The Alpha Marriage curriculum walks through a variety of critical dynamics of thriving marriages and focuses on communication between you and your partner. You won’t have to share beyond the comfort of your partner, but you will be supported in the journey as part of a group making this investment together.

4) Parenting Through the Phases – 6 Weeks
Parenting is both amazing and complicated. And just when you feel like you figure out one phase, it seems to end and the next begins. Our Parenting Through the Phases curriculum is intended to help us understand the different phases of parenting, make the most of the phase we’re in, and learn from or encourage others who are in different phases, whether a little further ahead or earlier on. This is a great opportunity to invest in your parenting life. Cause remember, it’s just a phase, so don’t miss it!

Groups will generally run anywhere between April 15 to June 15, depending on the number of weeks.

To get information about specific dates, times, and locations, and to sign up today, email Jessica Reimer.