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Please pray for my friend Brenda who is undergoing treatment for ovarian cancer. She is leaving for a short trip to New Brunswick to visit her newest grandson. May she feel well during this time.

SERIES: 22.08.21 - Soul Care | Weekend Playlist
Good Grace (Live) - Hillsong UNITED

Good Grace by Hillsong UNITED, recorded live at Hillsong Worship & Creative Conference in Sydney, Australia. Text UNITED to +1 (855) 745-0294 for updates on releases, tours, merchandise and more. (Only available in US, CA, AU, UK). Click here to listen to the latest from Hillsong UNITED: Listen to our album People at Stay conne... cted: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Website: Good Grace Words and Music by Joel Houston © 2018 Hillsong Music Publishing CCLI: 7122177 VERSE 1: People Come together Strange as neighbours Our blood is one Children Of generations Of every nation Of kingdom come CHORUS: Don’t let your heart be troubled Hold your head up high Don’t fear no evil Fix your eyes upon this one truth God is madly in love with you Take courage Hold on Be strong Remember where our help comes from VERSE 2: Jesus Our redemption Our salvation Is in His blood Jesus Light of heaven Friend forever His kingdom come BRIDGE: Swing wide All you heavens Let the praise go up As the walls come down All creation Everything with breath Repeat the sound All His children Clean hands Pure hearts Good grace Good God His Name is Jesus #goodgrace #hillsongunited #people