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Please pray for my friend Brenda who is undergoing treatment for ovarian cancer. She is leaving for a short trip to New Brunswick to visit her newest grandson. May she feel well during this time.

Weekend Services

We gather as a church family every Sunday morning at our three locations across Niagara and online. These gatherings provide a come-as-you-are space where everyone is welcomed and all are invited to be formed by God as we sing, celebrate, read, reflect, pray, and learn to follow in the way of Jesus.

22.09.25 - UnDone | When Church Doesn't "Work" For You

With religious participation in significant decline, why do some people still choose to be part of a church? For some, it may be the community and sense of belonging they hope to experience, while for others, it’s the uplifting music and messages. Some may see it as an important part of raising their kids with certain values, or a way to find meaning and purpose. Whatever the reason, we participat... e in church because of some perceived benefit it brings to our lives. But what if, after giving church a try, you discover that the benefit pales in comparison to the cost? What do you do when you feel like church just isn’t "working" for you? And, if there is a way to make it “work”, what kind of work does that require from each of us?

This Week's Service

A Spiritual Gymnasium

With all the programs out there devoted to helping us improve our mental health and physical fitness, have you ever stopped to consider your spiritual well-being? How do you go from feeling spiritually flat, empty, and stuck, to living a life that’s connected to God, empowered with spiritual energy and filled with enthusiasm? At Southridge, we get how confusing it can be to access something so intangible, especially when all the conferences and concerts, books, podcasts, sermons and songs don’t really seem to make a lasting difference.  That’s why, around here, we think of our weekend services like a “spiritual gymnasium”, where people come to be guided by spiritual fitness instructors, dedicated to helping you be stretched and strengthened in your faith, equipping you with practical tools and strategies designed to enable you to experience God’s presence and activity in your daily life.

So join us each weekend, in person or online, and sign up for daily Spiritual Practice notifications on our app, and start overcoming spiritual emptiness and fatigue, as you learn to work out your faith, and experience renewed spiritual vitality in your everyday life.

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Inspiration Team

Our Inspiration Team works with amazing volunteers to create our Weekend Services and Daily Spiritual Practices. Leveraging stories, music, video, and experiential practices, we aim to inspire and guide our community into a Spirit-filled life. So, while we love designing high-impact moments and events, our true passion is for what happens off stage and in the 167 hours between services.

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Inspiration Pastor
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Spiritual Practices Pastor
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Worship Pastor
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