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I’d like to take the time this morning to pray for my girlfriend’s grandma please. She had surgery for 4 ulcers. Doctors were trying to delay it because she has heart stents. Unfortunately she was put into an induced coma because she was not healing properly. The doctor is now talking to her husband about life support. My girlfriend has already lost 2 people this year. It’s been a hard time for everyone. So I’d like to have prayers for healing and that she comes out healthy. Lord I pray for healing for those around us who are suffering and for Emily’s grandma who has been fighting with her life to get better. Everything was so unexpected with the surgery and now she has fallen into unfortunate circumstances. Lord I pray that you take away any pain that she may be in and that you are with all the family members through this hard time right now. Amen

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Caribbean Workers Program

Just as your family story may very well be one of migration to Canada there are thousands of migrant farmworkers in Niagara who are spending decades of their lives in Niagara to make a better life for the next generations. By connecting through the Caribbean Workers Program, you can be a part of developing social supports, challenging systemic injustices, and growing community alongside migrant farmworkers.

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