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Please pray for my friend Brenda who is undergoing treatment for ovarian cancer. She is leaving for a short trip to New Brunswick to visit her newest grandson. May she feel well during this time.

22.09.25 - UnDone | When Church Doesn't "Work" For You

With religious participation in significant decline, why do some people still choose to be part of a church? For some, it may be the community and sense of belonging they hope to experience, while for others, it’s the uplifting music and messages. Some may see it as an important part of raising their kids with certain values, or a way to find meaning and purpose. Whatever the reason, we participat... e in church because of some perceived benefit it brings to our lives. But what if, after giving church a try, you discover that the benefit pales in comparison to the cost? What do you do when you feel like church just isn’t "working" for you? And, if there is a way to make it “work”, what kind of work does that require from each of us?