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Please pray for my friend Brenda who is undergoing treatment for ovarian cancer. She is leaving for a short trip to New Brunswick to visit her newest grandson. May she feel well during this time.

SERIES: At Our Best
22.06.26 - At Our Best | The Best Life

People often say they go to church (i.e, attend weekend services, participate in community events, or volunteer in a ministry) to recharge their spiritual batteries. But do these programs actually have the kind of battery-charging capacity that can fuel all 168 hours of our week? Can a song sung on Sunday equip me to face what life throws at me on Tuesday? Can coffee and conversation on Wednesday ... evening compensate for the loneliness I feel on Friday night? How can we approach our spiritual lives in a way that fills and fuels us 24/7? Instead of constantly running on depleted batteries, how can we plug into the power source of Jesus say in order to live life at its best?