Received: 2023-05-23 00:23:12

I seek prayer for repentance of vanity, pride, anxiety, social anxiety, anger, lots of anger, jealousy and bitterness (which is so tough to overcome), not having paid all my debts in the past or forgiven others in the same manner I have been forgiven and any form of deceit as well as Deliverance for myself and my wife from a familiar spirit and my past involvement. I seek a sound mind trusting in and focused on God. I also have a praise for getting really far with a potential job and seek guidance, direction, and lots of wisdom with the rest of process. I am told I am just waiting on a position to open which is a real blessing and I seek prayer for the right position and really soon. I seek peace for everyone involved and joy for the family with the potential move

SERIES: Friend Like Jesus
23.01.29 - Friend Like Jesus | Invitation

Everyone needs a circle of friends. Even Jesus had a circle of close friends. But too often circles become cliques. And Jesus definitely wasn't cliquey! So how can we become the kinds of friends that don't let our circles become closed-rank cliques? How did Jesus widen his circle through invitation? And how might we experience a new kind of friendship if we learn to open our circle to new kinds of... friends too?