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Jesus please stop all attacks coming against me and my family and loved ones in Jesus Name Please heal Ashley of fatigue and headache, it is nothing, in Jesus Name Please heal Sarah's hive reactions, and strengthen her hips and knees, it is nothing, Please continue to heal Mitch with excellent results and healing of back, it is nothing, Please heal me of the cold I woke up with today, it is nothing, Thank You Jesus for healing us and protecting us, thank You Jesus for the healing miracles of Mitch and my dad, Hallelujah, Purge us of all sickness and disease, rebuke it out of us and block it from us, lift our feet over a stone (Psalm 91) deliver us from evil and lead us not into temptation, Lord restore nutrients, minerals and sustain and protect us, in Jesus Mighty Name, Amen and Hallelujah!!!


Friend Like Jesus

As we wrap up our most recent message series on what it means to have and be a friend like Jesus, this week we will center our spiritual practices on being a good friend. Today we invite you to write a list of the ways that Jesus loved his friends and those he led. Can you think of qualities that are not overly common in your relationships, that Jesus exemplified? After you have finished writing the list of attributes, think of which qualities you possess and which ones you would like to intentionally work towards growing deeper in. Now take some time to pray over your list and the ways you want God to work in and through you in your friendships.


Friends & Future

We have heard it throughout this series “show me you friends and I'll show you your future”. It is common for us to take time to pray over our own futures and our desires. How often do you find yourself sitting down to pray for your friends and their futures? Today we invite you to sit quietly and think of a few friends. Take some time and pray for each of their futures. Challenge yourself to pray over the small things in their life and not just the big moments.


Best Friend

Take some time today to listen to the song “Best Friend” by Jess Ray. We have provided the lyrics as they are not available with the video. Take some time to sit with the simplicity and richness of this song. Consider what it means to treat God as your best friend and then take some time to pray about what that means for you.


Don’t forget about your best friend

The one you used to call

When your heart was broken

Tell me when did you outgrow him

You think you have reached the age

When it’s too complicated

Maybe it don’t have to be

If you don’t make it

Don’t forget about him

Click Here for a YouTube video of “Best Friend” by Jess Ray.


From Strangers To Friends

As you go throughout your day, try to challenge yourself to find ways to be a friend to a stranger. This can look like a number of things, but in its simplest form: be willing and open to new people you come across today.

Pray that God would lead you to someone new and be responsive if he pushes you outside of your comfort zone. Be willing to smile and be open to new connections.

At the end of the day write down any interesting moments you had and where you saw God in others throughout the day. Keep that note somewhere you will see it and be reminded of the ways that we are the light in the world.


Hospitality: The Sacred & The Scary!

“Hospitality creates a safe, open space where a friend or stranger can enter and experience the welcoming spirit of Christ is another.” – Adele Ahlberg Calhoun

Living in community with others can sometimes be as scary as it is sacred! Many environments are competitive, hostile and unsafe. People feel vulnerable in their own homes and on guard in the presence of others. Safe places and safe people are too often few and far between.

How can you open your heart and your door to be to be a safe place of hospitality to someone today or this weekend?

* What are you doing tonight? How about extending a last minute invitation to someone to join you for dinner at home, dessert at a café, or a fun outdoor activity?

* What are you doing this weekend? Now is a perfect time to plan a gathering for this weekend. Who needs to know they’re loved and wanted? Who haven’t you seen for a while? Who never gets invited? No need to get fancy – just extend an open door!

Commit yourself to action right now. You have no idea who may so desperately need your open door!

Week of January 29, 2023

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Guided Prayer
Cell Phone Prayer

We want to experiment right now with a simple prayer exercise -- a chance to share some honest and personal thoughts with God about what’s going on in our lives. To help us do this, if you own a cell phone, you’ll want to grab that right now... 

Specific Prayers in Specific Places

I want you to take a minute right now to look away from this screen, to whatever is around you. Inside, outside, alone or with other people doesn’t matter. Where are you right now, and what do you notice about the physical space around you?