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Please pray for Darlene Gesh's mom, for whom Darlene had to call an ambulance this week. She has very low blood pressure and now pneumonia. There is lots of testing coming up so they are praying for some answers.

I want to read a poem to you called Mindful by Mary Oliver. And then following that, we’re actually just going to sit for a few minutes and gaze at some gorgeous nature; and drink it in. 

We often fill this space with a lot of words and a lot of thoughts, and in that, sometimes we can miss the presence and beauty of God so often found more deeply in silence, in stillness, in the quiet spaces. And we do the same thing a lot, when we walk through this world, which is filled from earth to sky with glimpses of the beauty, and peace, and holiness, and wild wonder of who this God is, who loves you very much. 

So we’re gonna get our poetry on, for a minute, to help guide us into a quieter headspace. And then just let your body, your mind, and your soul take some deep breaths, as you contemplate the beauty of God in nature. 

POEM | Mindful by Mary Oliver 

Every day 

I see or hear 


that more or less 

kills me 

with delight, 

that leaves me 

like a needle 

in the haystack 

of light. 

It was what I was born for – 

to look, to listen, 

to lose myself 

inside this soft world – 

to instruct myself 

over and over 

in joy, 

and acclamation. 

Nor am I talking 

about the exceptional, 

the fearful, the dreadful, 

the very extravagant – 

but of the ordinary, 

the common, the very drab, 

the daily presentations. 

Oh, good scholar, 

I say to myself, 

how can you help 

but grow wise 

with such teachings 

as these - the untrimmable light 

of the world, 

the ocean's shine, 

the prayers that are made 

out of grass?

Nature Contemplation | Mindful

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