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Jesus please stop all attacks coming against me and my family and loved ones in Jesus Name Please heal Ashley of fatigue and headache, it is nothing, in Jesus Name Please heal Sarah's hive reactions, and strengthen her hips and knees, it is nothing, Please continue to heal Mitch with excellent results and healing of back, it is nothing, Please heal me of the cold I woke up with today, it is nothing, Thank You Jesus for healing us and protecting us, thank You Jesus for the healing miracles of Mitch and my dad, Hallelujah, Purge us of all sickness and disease, rebuke it out of us and block it from us, lift our feet over a stone (Psalm 91) deliver us from evil and lead us not into temptation, Lord restore nutrients, minerals and sustain and protect us, in Jesus Mighty Name, Amen and Hallelujah!!!


Paul's Perspective


When you look around your community and even the Niagara Region how do you see the other churches? What accolades or constructive feedback would you give? If Paul was looking to us as a church community, what would his letter outline? Today as you ponder this idea, take some time to pray and then take some time and write a letter as if you were Paul to the church here today.






Scripture: Click here to read Psalm 30                       

Read the passage over slowly, prayerfully and attentively a few times. As you do, allow God to highlight a word or phrase- something that jumps out at you personally.

Observations: Think about what is being said, by who, and why they might be saying it the way they are. What is the surrounding context? What other background information do you have? How and where do you see the heart of Jesus in this? Don't make conclusions or applications yet, just observe everything you can.                       

Application: Now consider how this passage might apply personally to your life. In what way does it speak to your own circumstances? How can it help you? How does it challenge you? How does it call you to love both God and others better? How does this word from God apply directly to your day-to-day life and how are you learning to follow Jesus?                       

Prayer: Now that you’ve read and reflected on God’s word and begun the process of application in your life, simply talk to God about it all. Share what's swirling in you head and heart, allow space to listen for what theHoly Spirit is wanting to say to you in return as well.




Worship Wednesday


What does it mean to “be here”? Are you someone who often sits in the present moment and takes it all in or do you find yourself going full speed ahead? Today, as you listen to “If I was a Bird” by Mission House music, allow the song to be your prayer and let your mind wander and ponder what God may want you to experience through this song.




Poetry Prayer


Sometimes words are hard to find and often prayers feel imperfect. There is no right or wrong way to pray but sometimes listening to the prayers of others helps us connect with God and feel validated in our experiences. Today, as you read the poem below, take some time to sit with it and what it means for you today. Are there any lines that stand out to you? What does this mean for you and the day to come? Take some time and pray.

You are not an aimless wanderer, spearing through empty skies. You are not merely a mounter-mentioner spinning quotables into being. You are a bird with grace-strong wings and you fly high from the tree that holds the nest that made you. The song-words that leave your lips are tied to a sacred network of roots.

All along, there was more to you. They cannot make you small.

Morgan Harper Nichols




Lean In

"Let everything that has breath praise the Lord! Praise the Lord!" Psalm 150:6      

How does it feel to be in your body? Do you feel connected to your breath or do the rhythms of life sometimes pass you by? As you sit in place today take some time to rest your hands in your lap, on your stomach, on your heart etc. Take some deep breaths and focus on the rhythms that are happening. Lean into the quiet. What do you notice as you spend time focusing on your breath and body? How does connecting to your body help you connect to God?



Week of March 26, 2023

Ready for what's next?

Imaginative Prayer | Wounded Healer

I want to invite you to close your eyes and picture your hurt – the ways you’ve experienced pain and hurt in the church, maybe generally or maybe very specifically or even recently – picture it as an actual wound on your body. 

Guided Prayer

I’m not sure whether the recent announcement of an extended lockdown caught you off guard or not. But regardless of what we anticipated, for a lot of us, it was just one more let down after a year full of disappointments... 

Greeting the Dawn

My favourite time of the day right now is between 5-6am. (I know I’ve instantly lost many of you… but stick with me!)