Received: 2023-05-23 00:23:12

I seek prayer for repentance of vanity, pride, anxiety, social anxiety, anger, lots of anger, jealousy and bitterness (which is so tough to overcome), not having paid all my debts in the past or forgiven others in the same manner I have been forgiven and any form of deceit as well as Deliverance for myself and my wife from a familiar spirit and my past involvement. I seek a sound mind trusting in and focused on God. I also have a praise for getting really far with a potential job and seek guidance, direction, and lots of wisdom with the rest of process. I am told I am just waiting on a position to open which is a real blessing and I seek prayer for the right position and really soon. I seek peace for everyone involved and joy for the family with the potential move

Posture prayer is a simple and holistic way of praying, engaging our whole selves: hearts, minds, and bodies. Consider starting your day with this prayer of openness to God, to not only help you hold all the coming events of the day before God, but to help hold yourself open to God in all the moments that are coming – knowing that while you may not even know what they all are, God – in God’s love and wisdom – does. 

Start by Placing a hand on your forehead 

I open my mind today, God 

Teach me the wisdom of your upside-down Kingdom 

The principles, perspective, and priorities of a God 

Who would lay down his life for love 

I open my mind to you 

* Place hands on your temples near your eyes 

I open my eyes, Jesus 

Eager to see you in the spaces around me – both visible and invisible 

Don’t let me miss you today 

I open my eyes to you


* Place hands on your ears 

I open my ears, Lord 

Help me to hear your still small voice, 

Help me to quiet the noise that drowns you out; both external & internal 

Help me to hear what really matters 

I open my ears to you 

* Open your arms wide, as if to gather up something large 

I open my arms 

Would you fill them with those who you want loved, today 

May my arms be an extension of yours, to those who need them most 

I open my arms to you 

* Place a hand over your heart 

I open my heart 

Would you heal what still sits broken in here 

Forgive me for “bleeding all over those who didn’t cut me” 

Give me courage to forgive the ones who did, the ones who will 

I open my heart to you

* Place your hands on your stomach, wherever you think of as your ‘gut’ 

I open my spirit 

I gladly enter into the place of mystery 

Would you move in me, with grace and power 

Enabling me to walk by a way I’ve not yet known 

I open my spirit to yours 

* Hold both hands open, either on your lap or just low at your side 

I open my whole life to you today, my Lord and my God 

May I hold nothing back; May I close nothing off 

May I never be the same from this moment forward 

Again and again and again 

Do in me the work that only you can do Jesus. 

In Your name, I pray, Amen

Posture Prayer
I Open #1 | Posture Prayer

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