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i recently learned that i have hurt a close friend who i love and care about deeply. please pray for her peace, comfort, and to ease her pain which i have caused. please pray that we can mend our friendship and that it continues to grow stronger. please pray that she can find it in her heart to forgive me, and that i can forgive myself. please pray for myself for guidance from God on how to be a better friend to her. Thank you so much

BIBLE READING | Understanding An Ancient Text

The Bible is a fascinating and invaluable resource for exploring and understanding the depths of who God is and how he loves. Understanding the unique way in which it was written and the different types of literature found within will go a long way towards helping you know how to accurately apply the truth in this beautiful and ancient book to your own 21st century life.

The below message series sheds light on many of the common questions and confusions surrounding how to read the Bible for all it’s worth. (NOTE: Talk #1 lays an essential foundation for how to understand the rest of the talks in the series – start there, if you can!)

Bible Study Sermon Series (Aug-Sept 2015) Click Here For Series Page

Talk 1- Holy & Human: How should we understand the interplay between God’s inspiration and the humanity of the writers?

Talk 2- Science and Story: How do present-day scientific realities and the seemingly fantastical stories of Scripture work together to reveal an accurate portrait of God?

Talk 3- Fact and Fiction: How can we know when we are reading a historically factual account or simply a creative story? What do we do when the Bible’s “facts” don’t seem to line up?

Talk 4- Answers and Application: How can we understand the confusing and sometimes-inconsistent picture of God found in Scripture? How does a God of love call for the destruction of entire nations of people?

Talk 5- Rules and Rationale: Is the Bible as a rulebook, with clear cut answers to ‘right’ and ‘wrong’? What do we do when the rules get complicated, even conflict with one another?

Talk 6- Religion and Revelation: Does the Bible represent a religion, or is there a deeper revelation going on inside the pages of this book? Is something actually more important than the Bible?

* note: messages are displayed in the opposite order (to above) on the series webpage

Bible Study
Understanding An Ancient Text

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