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i recently learned that i have hurt a close friend who i love and care about deeply. please pray for her peace, comfort, and to ease her pain which i have caused. please pray that we can mend our friendship and that it continues to grow stronger. please pray that she can find it in her heart to forgive me, and that i can forgive myself. please pray for myself for guidance from God on how to be a better friend to her. Thank you so much

Baptism Sundays are just some of the best, eh? It’s so heartening to hear people’s stories of how they are finding God in the middle of often the mess – and also just the everyday moments – of life. Your story reminds me of my story, my story hopefully reminds you a bit of yours, together our stories join the countless other stories of Jesus followers that tell this great big epic tale of God’s love pouring and playing itself out in the world. 

So. What is your story? Wherever your spiritual journey has taken you thus far… how often do you pause to really think about that in a reflective way? Strange as it sounds, the simple act of reflecting on your story, can actually grow/amplify it inside your own soul. 

As a practice this morning we’re going to create some quiet space for you to take a minute with that kind of reflection. If you were on the screen today, what would you be sharing with the rest of us about the story of you and God? 

If it helps you, you might want to pull out a notes app on your phone and jot some things down there. Try to imagine how you would really tell the story to a friend. 

And just one caveat: I know it can feel like baptisms stories in particular are very “before and after” stories. Which is a helpful lens to look through, the ways we move from old scripts into new life. The only problem is that saying “after” implies some kind of “arriving” of completion that just isn’t real. That’s just not how a life with God goes. It’s an ongoing journey – up, down, sometimes squiggling all around – you don’t just become a new creation, but are on a journey of continually becoming a new creation in Christ. Of learning how to experience more of God’s love. Of finding your way in/with Jesus. The “ing” is critical! 

So as you think about whatever your story is, maybe it’s your before and after of finding God for the first time. But also, where is the “ing” at, these days? Where are you still wrestling? How are you still find-ing? How are you still be-ing found? What’s your story? 

Conclude with prayer thanking God for all of the ways he is writing love into our lives, and into this world through our lives. May we have open eyes to see it, open hearts to receive it, and open hands to share it. 

What's Your Story?

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