Received: 2023-09-29 22:12:42

i recently learned that i have hurt a close friend who i love and care about deeply. please pray for her peace, comfort, and to ease her pain which i have caused. please pray that we can mend our friendship and that it continues to grow stronger. please pray that she can find it in her heart to forgive me, and that i can forgive myself. please pray for myself for guidance from God on how to be a better friend to her. Thank you so much

Southridge believes we’re better together.

That’s why we seek to foster unity and serve alongside the Broader Church and community partners to share Jesus’ love with the world. To that end, we have a community of core ministry partners that are not only integral to our mission but through whom we enjoy the mutuality of making their ministry better too.

Southridge works closely with a number of core ministry partners. While we're eager to partner with anyone seeking to do the work that expresses Jesus' love to the world, a few organizations have become critical to our church's mission.

Together with the Region of Niagara, Southridge extends love to the homeless.

Southridge has a hostel agreement with the department of Community Services within our Regional government.

This relationship not only helps us offset the costs of running our homelessness services at our St. Catharines location; it also supports our mutual values of providing holistic care and ongoing support to those experiencing homelessness.

Together with Compassion Canada, Southridge extends love to the global poor.

In addition to each of our location's unique Anchor Causes, Southridge rallies our entire community around a global Anchor Cause referred to as Child Survival.

Facilitated through Compassion Canada, we invest in 5 different Child Survival Programs around the world, with at least one on each continent. In turn, Compassion supports our efforts to grow the global faith perspective and lifestyles of our people, facilitating Child Sponsorships, providing training, and making resources available.

Together with the Global Leadership Network, Southridge develops leaders and serves other churches.

Our heart for the Church extends beyond our own local church.

By partnering with the Global Leadership Network, we're able to host the annual Global Leadership Summit which envisions, equips and encourages leaders and leadership development in all sectors across Niagara. And we're able to share some of our learnings and experiences with leaders and churches across Canada and around the world through GLN events, workshops and podcasts.

In addition, Southridge supports ministries across Niagara and beyond.

Originally founded as part of the Mennonite Brethren Conference of Churches, this association has enabled us to support some very effective ministries, including Radiant Care Tabor & Pleasant Manor, Eden High School, Bethesda and Camp Crossroads. As well, we've been able to partner nationally with Rugged Tree, and internationally with the Mennonite Central Committee.