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A few months ago I got terminated from my job. I have been looking for months and have gotten nothing. It has been extremely discouraging as I don't want to go back into my field as an ECE but I don't know where else I could work. If I could have prayer for guidance in my job search, patience and for the right timing for the right job that would be so appreciated

Spiritual Practices

Our lives run at a relentless 24/7 pace of so much noise, motion, and stress, that it leaves little room to attend to the health of our souls. Yet that is where our greatest source of energy, life, and spiritual vitality come from! Engaging in regular time with God recalibrates us to the life of the Spirit within, transforming us from the inside out. Take some time to explore and experiment with a variety of spiritual practices today – the freshness of new life awaits!

Daily Spiritual Exercise

Each week we create daily spiritual practices to help you connect with God beyond the one-hour-a-week of our Weekend Services. These are designed to disrupt your daily routine and stimulate a posture of openness to God’s presence and activity in your life.

More than just something to add to your already crowded “to do” list, daily practices awaken us to the spiritual reality all around us, helping us live connected 24/7 to the power and presence of Jesus.

Psalms Reading Plan

Journey with us as we read the Psalms throughout this series. Each day we are encouraging folks to read 3 Psalms and track their progress using this reading plan. 

Welcome back! Try some recent practices.

Posture Prayer
No Body but Yours

About 500 years ago, there was a woman by the name of Teresa of Avila, who was a nun and a mystic who left behind several books, poems, prayers, practices that many to this day still find inspiring. One of her well-loved poems is called, “Christ Has No Body”. 

Recommended Resources
Spiritual Pathways Assessment


Bible Study
Understanding An Ancient Text

The Bible is a fascinating and invaluable resource for exploring and understanding the depths of who God is and how he loves. Understanding the unique way in which it was written and the different types of literature found within will go a long way towards helping you know how to accurately apply the truth in this beautiful and ancient book to your own 21st century life. 

What are spiritual practices all about - and why do they even matter? Do they actually make a difference in the midst of a noisy, chaotic, often overwhelming life?

Check out this video to hear why we're so passionate about these ancient and modern traditions and their power to transform our everyday lives.

focusing on god more than one hour a week

Check out Lori's story about how experimenting with Spiritual Practices has been a life-changing experience in her faith journey.